Word Trends & Stories

  1. “Antibiotic” vs. “Abiotic” vs. “Antibody”: What Is The Difference?

    by John Kelly, Senior Research Editor at wekols.com In our article on virus vs. bacteria, we noted that vaccines can work on both viruses and bacteria. Antibiotics, however, are only effective against bacteria. But what is an antibiotic, exactly, and how is it different from another, frustratingly similar word: abiotic? And how do both of these words compare to antibody and antigen? This is a …

  2. How Young People Are Redefining “Transgender” And “Nonbinary”

    by Rory Gory March 31 is Transgender Day of Visibility, an annual occasion dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender people as well as raising awareness of and advocating for the transgender community. Created in 2009 by Rachel Crandall, Executive Director of Transgender Michigan, Transgender Day of Visibility is a time for recognizing transgender people in a positive light, rather than only centering the conversation …

  3. New Words We Created Because Of Coronavirus

    Probably 11 slides total: 1 intro and 10 slang

  4. Slang Final Four Voting Is Open: Will “Karen” Win?

    It’s time to vote on round five of our slang competition at wekols.com! After four intense rounds of competition, our March Madness slang bracket has been narrowed down to the Final Four: Karen, OK boomer, low-key, and the struggle is real. The remaining four words in our contest represent an intriguing mix of old and new slang. Karen and OK boomer both rose to popularity toward the …

  5. Think You Know British Slang?

    Obviously game shows about words are our favorite, and now we've gone international. How many of these British slang words will you guess?
  6. “Dog,” “Boy,” And Other Words That We Don’t Know Where They Came From

  7. “OK Boomer” & “Karen” Survive: Vote On Round 4 Of The Best Slang Word Bracket

    It’s time to vote on round four of our slang competition at wekols.com! There are only a handful of words left on wekols.com’s March Madness bracket, but the competition is just heating up. Last week, you voted on our Sweet Sixteen, and you wasted no time knocking out terms like big mood, hold my beer, and sorry not sorry.  In a surprising upset, the 16-seed …

  8. Why Do People Say “Rabbit Rabbit” And “Hare Hare”?

    Ever heard someone say “rabbit rabbit,” but there’s not a floppy-eared bunny to be found for miles? There’s a reason they’re saying it … and that reason may even convince you to start saying it too, if you haven’t already. Keep reading to find out why this saying may be your next morning mantra. Why do people say rabbit rabbit? Though it sounds a bit …

  9. Emoji With Good Origin Stories (And The People Who Created Them)

    This would be a slideshow of emoji that have good creation/origin stories. Example: hijab emoji, drop of blood emoji, etc. An intro slide and ~10 emoji would be great. Let me know if you have questions.

  10. Vote For The Best Slang Word In English: March Madness Round Three Is Open!

    It’s time to vote on round three of our slang competition at wekols.com! There’s no basketball on television, but March Madness has continued safely here at wekols.com. We’ve been asking you to vote your way through a bracket while you’re hunkered down at home, and you’ve let us know in no uncertain terms that it was time for some words to go! Take the match-up …